Preventative Maintenance

Nearly 90% of your AC breakdowns were totally avoidable!

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance is the most important aspect in keeping your Air Conditioner having a long life especially in this Boca Raton weather. A/C units not maintained properly break down at a higher rate, have shorter life spans, are not energy efficient, encounter dust particles and result in poor air quality. Our AC repair Boca Raton team can prevent these issues while they still can be fixed thus saving you time, money and that horrible feeling of not having AC in this unforgiving climate.

Inspection for your health

Indoor air quality is ranked as a top five environmental risk to public health according to the EPA. An unclean air conditioning system cause significant issues not only to your house but your health. Maintaining and investing in the right AC system will produce the highest air quality in your residence year round. Air Conditioning units that are not properly managed have a higher rate of malfunctioning, have much shorter life expectancies, waste energy, and accumulate debris as well as dust. The type of indoor air pollutants includes PBDEs, mold, pollen, pet dander, radon, and more. These Micro particles becomes ingested and contributes to people becoming sick every day. Contact Us today to examine your home or business in Boca Raton, Fl today. We will work and come up with a plan to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of indoor air in your household.

Proper system functioning that obstructs air flow can be due to many things such as debris, dust biological growth, and insects that clogs your system and obstruct your system from properly functioning. 50% of your electrical bill is spent cooling the home here in Boca Raton. Most residents don’t realize that if their ductwork sizing was improperly installed that they are causing strain on the system and paying higher energy bills leading to your unit breaking down at a much higher rate. At AC Repair Boca Raton our service plan tunes up performed twice a year include a thorough 1.5 hour to 2 hour inspection , 50-point air conditioning preventative maintenance inspection. Boca Raton weather weather is brutal and we have to adapt and be prepared. Our AC Repair Boca Raton technicians are all trained to complete our 50-point inspection making sure that nothing is missed. This detailed inspection, is designed to catch any malfunctions as well as preventing future breakdowns. We take our time on all of our inspections so that nothing and missed, and so your AC will last a long time without breaking down. Pick AC Repair Boca Raton and you’ll never want to use another AC provider Our AC Inspection is a stress free experience ensuring that you are in good hands.

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